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Photo Gallery

Heiko Dirks peering into newly discovered Pit 4d in the lake floor

Heiko on the ladder going down the pit between walls of gypsum.

Niklas Gassen negotiating his way down "the pit inside the pit" (Photo H. Dirks).

Cave Rigging, Saudi Style

Yet another pit underneath the lake.




The World's Only Known Caves in Lacustrine Gypsum Tufa

By Stephan Kempe


View from pit bottom with Heiko, Tobias and Stephan peering down (Photo N. Gassen)

A Report in Two Parts:


Layla Caves 1

(692 kb PDF file)


Layla Caves 2

(820 kb PDF file)


Pit 4a with gour-like back wall, now already partly filled with drifting sand.

Layla Lake in 1980 -- Photo Courtesy of Chris Wheatley

Panoramic View of Former Lake Wajjaj -- 2011


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