To: <>

Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 10:50 PM

Subject: Saudi Diamonds?


> Can someone please provide information on Saudi Diamonds? I've been told

> they're "just like carbon diamonds" when faceted, is this correct? Is it

> also correct that searching for these "diamonds" is no longer allowed in

> Saudi Arabia - is this true? Thanks much and Kind regards, Linda.




Hello Linda!

My wife Susy is also very interested in Saudi diamonds. From her I learned

that these are pieces of clear quartz which can be found lying on the desert

floor. They are easiest to spot near sunset, by their sparkles.

Rumor has it that people send these stones off to the Phillippines for

cutting and are sent back pieces of zirconium instead!

As for how much these quartz diamonds resemble carbon diamonds, I suggest

you check with a geologist, such as Mr. Tim Hayes, E-mail Address:


John Pint