Sent: Friday, June 08, 2001 5:47 PM
Subject: Arabia's Undiscoverd Treasures

I had a quick look to your wonderful site, and I am sure I will come back later to read more about the Saudi's Caves and Roses of Taif. I realy appreciate the good work you are doing to expose the arabian Cultural and Geographical places to the world. Your good work should set a good example for us as Saudies to incourage us to know more about our land. For example, My home town is Taif, where I lived most of my life but until now I never visited any of Taif's Roses feilds or any of Roses distillations factories. When I read your report about Roses of Taifs, I learned alot of things that I never new before and for sure this will incourage me to visit these places . I thank you again for your excellent efforts and I suggest if you can extend your travels to discover more of the Arabia's historical places.

Ali Al-Ghamdi



We were happy to get a message from Taif and we hope you will go to see the beautiful rose farms for yourself. Thanks for your suggestion that we include more articles of a cultural or historical nature. We will do it!

John and Susy Pint