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Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 11:19 AM

Subject: If we find a cave...


Good day to you!

I am still downloading all the terrific info and photos from your website…

Thanks a million.

We often go out to my husband's village NW of Riyadh and wonder if there are

any caves there, which leads to question Number One: Apart from obvious cave

openings, what should we look for? Question Number Two: If and when we do

find cave(s), who should we notify?

Looking forward to your response,

Dalal Abunayyan



Hello Dalal!

We are glad you like our website. Thanks for the nice comments!

We could certainly use the help of you and your husband, as we are

attempting to catalogue all the caves of Saudi Arabia. What we could most

use is the GPS location of any cave entrances you degrees, minutes

and seconds, if that is possible. Then we could use the diameter of the

entrance and whether this appears to be a vertical cave (pit) or a

horizontal cave, perhaps in the side of a jebel. If someone has gone inside,

we'd like their statement of how long or deep they think the cave is and

what they saw inside. Finally, it would help to have the local name for the

hole as well as the name of the closest town, jebel or anything else that

might be named on a map.

The area NW of Riyadh should have a few caves. We know a couple near

Majma'ah and have heard of a blowhole near Buraydah. We would greatly

appreciate any help you can give us on this!!!


John and Susy Pint



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