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 Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 4:57 PM

 Subject: Questions concerning adventure in kSA


  You seem to be the only person on the Internet who knows anything  about adventure in KSA. I am living in Riyadh working for 4 months and  would like to get out and see the country, other than staying in Riyadh. So  many people whine about the misery of working here, and I relish the   opportunity to see as much as possible. It seems very difficult to find  any   companies or people who could help me get to some of these places like   Madain Saleh. I read some of your articles and it seemed quite an adventure   for you as well. Have things changed much and would it be possible for me   to make it to these sites. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

   Matt A. Weeter
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  Avaya Inc.



 Hello Matt!

 Thanks a lot for your message. I'm happy to say that there ARE lots of people who enjoy adventurous trips all over Saudi Arabia. Let's start with the Natural History Society: they have regular outings and also set up trips to farther-away places like Madain Saleh. I suggest you contact: Ray Tyson,

 E-mail Address: alamols-(a)

 There is also a Hash House Harriers group in Riyadh which goes on runs/walks every week.

 All the best!

 John and Susy Pint