From: محمد علي
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 11:29 AM

hi sir
i am Mohammed frome Taif , Saudi Arabia , and i did like your site , it is a good site , and i hope i can meet you if want to come to Saudi Arabia , i sent your site to many and many friends , and they liked it too , i am so sorry becuse my English is not so good .
please take care
Mohammed Ali
Saudi Arabia
Hello Mohammed!
Many thanks for your kind words and for telling your friends about our website. Recently we found more wonderful caves in the northern part of Saudi Arabia, so we hope to have more pictures and articles for you and your friends to enjoy.
In case you hear about caves in any other part of Saudi Arabia, please let us know, OK?  We are trying to make a map of all the caves in the Kingdom. Maybe you can help!