From: enise anas

To: cavenews

Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:37 AM

Subject: Joining in on the Adventure

Hi there,

I've been visiting your site a couple of times now and I must say that it

was very informative and exciting to see so many discoveries being made in

Saudi Arabia. Im a 25 year old female English teacher who is currently not

working but is interested in being a part of the caving club that you have

discussed on the posts. Ive been living in Riyadh for 18 years now. During

that time, my dad and I used to go out for desert trips but Ive never had

the chance to go into caves or discover other beauties.

I would be delighted to receive more information about the activities of the

club and any sort of training you may have to offer.

Please include me in your emailing list.

Thanks and regards,

Miss Anisa Anash



Hello Anisa!

Many many thanks for your message. As you have no doubt noticed while

reading the reports on our web page, women have been participating in Saudi

cave exploration in a big way (especially considering that there have always

been just a tiny handful of people doing this). We now have a green light

from the administrators of Saudi Geological Survey to try to start a Caving

Club in this country and are just working on the details. If you know a

number of other women who are as enthusiastic as you, please let us know. If

you have a sizeable group, I am sure we could work out a special Ladies day.

Yes, we have you down on our list!

John and Susy Pint