From: Malena

Date:April 19, 2006

Subject: Exploring Caves in Saudi Arabia




Hello, my name is Magda Ostrowska and I write to you because of cave
exploration in Saudi Arabia. I found Your page in the internet and I
found it amazing. I'm from Warsaw Speleoclub and I've been caving for
some years. I've been a few times to Optymisticheskaya and Oziernaya in
the Western Ukraine and now I'm in love with gypsum caves. I'm writing
my first publication on my University (Warsaw Uniwersity) about gypsum
regions in the world ang especially I'm interested in gypsum caves.
These in Arabia are astonishing. I would love to take part with some
people from here - from Warsaw in such experience. There are some really
talented people in exploration here, who took part in exploration
Lamprechstshofen and some caves in Mexico and Papua New Guinea. I think
that they also would be interested. My question is: when You are going
to the caves of Saudi Arabia, would you be interested to take us with
You? I know that You make international projects there, so maybe it
would be interesting to take some Cavers from Poland:)

I'm looking forward to Your answer

Magda Ostrowska
Speleoklub Warszawski



Dear Magda,

Many thanks for your kind words about our website. Yes, there are some caves with very fascinating gypsum formations in the northern areas of Saudi Arabia.


Getting a visa to come to Saudi Arabia can be very difficult. I wonder if your organization might be able to propose some sort of project which could be presented to a Saudi Institution.  Any ideas?


John Pint