From: Teresa Zötl

Date:August 30, 2006

Subject:  Author Zoetl



Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pint,

I am researching on my familiy and found an entry on your homepage.
My name is Zötl or Zoetl. Do u know the autor which wrote about the groundwater better? U have any contact with him. Please tell me what u know!
Thanks a lot
Teresa from Vienna, Austria




Dear Teresa,


Thanks for your message!


I'm afraid I don't know Mr. Zötl personally, but I have seen many references to various studies he


carried out in Saudi Arabia.  One of the most recent is:



Hötzl, H., Wohnlich, S., Zötl, J.G. & Benischke R. (1993):


Verkarstung und Grundwasser im As Summan Plateau (Saudi Arabien), Karstification and Groundwater in


the As Summan Plateau (Saudi Arabia), Steirische Beiträge Zur Hydrogeologie, 44: 5-157


As he wrote this with Ralf Benischke, I suggest you contact Benischke and I am sure he can help you and I am sending you his email separately.



By the way, my Grandfather, John Pint, came from Vienna.  I have never met any of the Pints from there


but have alway been curious how many relatives I have in your city!