Date:      Monday, December 18, 2006 12:35 AM
Subject: Al-Wahbah Crater

Mr. and Mrs. Pint,

I just stumbled across your website while I was looking at pictures of
the Al-Wahbah crater on the internet. I lived in Taif, Saudi Arabia for
4 years when I was a child (1995-1999), and my family visited the crater
on many occasions. Looking at your pictures brought back many fond
memories, and I wanted to thank you for all that you are doing and wish
you the best in all that you continue to do. I have many memories
picking up peridots (sp?) and camping in the lava fields around the
crater. I have also made the climb down into and back out of it several
times. An old bedouin once told my dad the story of how the crater came
to be, and I'm sure that you have heard it but I thought I would share
in case you havent. There were two mountains that were married and
something happened and one of the mountains got mad and up and left,
leaving the giant crater behind. This isn't the whole story, but it was
something to that effect. I know that there wasn't a whole lot of point
to my e-mail, but I want you to know that I really appreciate the fact
that somebody is looking after the wonders of Saudi Arabia, it is a very
beautiful country and is still very dear to my heart.


Drew Farmer

Hello Drew!
Messages like yours are the ones that keep us going! Thank you so much! Of
course, you have now made us curious to hear the complete legend about
Wahbah. We have sent messages off to friends, but we hope you too will ask
around. We have a nice set of pictures taken at Wahbah and I guess it is
time for us to put them on the web. This will be a project for 2007. While
you were in Taif did you climb to the top of the Pointing Rock of Ash

John and Susy