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Subject: gretings from bulgarian caver
From: "Alan Bei"
Date: Wed, December 19, 2007 9:14 am

Greetings from Bulgaria!

I found your site on the web. I have not any information for caving, cave exploring
and cave mapping in Saudit Arabia. Greetings! This is very good job. I hope that one
day I may see this treasures on the desert!

My name is Zhivko Petrov, 30 y. old. I am member of Speleo club "Helictit" - Sofia,
Bulgaria. My passions are mapping, digging and exploring of new caves.



Hello Zhivko!
Many thanks for your message and kind words for our web site. Because Saudi Arabia has very little or no tourism, a good way to see the wonderful caves under the desert is to apply for a job there. I work for Saudi Geological Survey. I hope you might come to work in Arabia for a while!
...and if I ever get to Bulgaria, I would love to see your caves!

John Pint