Date:      Sunday, December 24, 2006 12:49 AM
Subject:  FAO Susana Pint. From Jo Hill in Sharjah UAE

Dear Susana,

I recently read with great interest your article on the Taif Rose and your
visit to the rose farms and would greatly appreciate any further
information you have on the subject and any additional contacts.

I am head of retail at the Sharjah Musuems Deaprtment and am currently
researching products for our new Heritage Museum Store. I would also if
possible like to visit a rose farm?

Kind Regards

Jo Hill


Dear Jo,

Thanks so much for your message. Actually the harvesting time of the Ward
Taifi is not far from now: mid April to mid May. Unfortunately, at the
moment, we are back home in Mexico and I suppose I won't be able to witness
the event. Oh, well...

Now, some good news is that John, my husband, will be in Jeddah from the
end of January to maybe the middle of April, so... there may be a chance
for you to visit one of the farms, since arranging it won't be so hard.
Please keep in touch, so he can contact you when he is in Jeddah.

Again, thanks so much for your message.

Susana Pint