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From: Abdullah Al-Dweesh

Subject: Contacting Jason

Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 11:45 PM



Dear Saudi Caves


This is Abdullah Al-Dweesh, from Saudi Arabia. I am one of the faculty staff member of Institute of Public Administration IPA in Riyadh.  I grow up in Alsoman area which is rich by caves (Dahals) I know the area well and I still live there.  My friends and I used to hunt birds in Dahals by throwing small stones in side it to scare the birds and use a net to catch the bird when they fly out of Dahal.  I had a dream to go inside and see the beauty of nature and learn a lot of things from this adventure.  I was surprised and amazed by your website which frankly I did not expect some one from outside Saudi has the interest in these things in my country.  I do appreciate that and respect men like you who have these kinds of interest and respect the nature and trying to protect it.  I am really interested in discovering these things.  I read a message sent by  Jason on Thursday, November 18, 2004 12:50 AM


 "  Hi my name is Jason. I am from Australia, and live in Riyadh. My wife and


I have been caving in Victoria Australia for about 10 years. We spent many


 weekends taking teenagers on caving camps, so we have a bit of experience


in leading caves. I am in the process of getting our gear sent here, and we


 were wanting to join anyone on some caving weekends. We don't know the location


 of the caves and we would really love to be able to join in on your




My question is can you hook me up with him, please.   This person needs some direction of caves and I have them. I know many locations that would be interesting to him.  Also, I need him to teach me some skills and train me on this adventure. He can call me any time on my office 01-474-5200 or my Mobil 0555383875 or though the email


My best regard




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Dear Abdullah,


Thank you for your kind words about our website!

I have sent your message on to Jason and also to several other people who are interested in cave exploration in the Summan area. I hope you will be able to get together with some of them. If you do, please let us know so we can put the story on Saudicaves!


By the way, I used to be a teacher at IPA, too. Please say hello to everyone there from me!

John Pint