From: Jonathan Hancock

 To: Saudicaves

 Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 9:52 AM

 Subject: Falcon


 Please could you send me some of the pics you took of the falcon on one

 of your trips? Also do you know how old it was? and if it was caught from the

 wild or bought?

 Please write back,





 Hello Jonathan!

 Yes, that is one lovely bird!

 Don't know if you saw it in our photo gallery

 ( or read the story of our

 hunt for the Lost City ( during

 which we had the pleasure of meeting the falcon's owner. I'm afraid

that's the only shot we have of this proud man and his proud bird. If you would

 like a higher resolution version of the picture, just let us know.


 We'll give a call to our contact in the area and see if he can answer

those questions on if it was caught and how old it is... perhaps there's a story

 ready to unfold!


 John and Susy Pint