Date: Feb 5, 2009
Subject: No Recent Activity


Are you guys still running the website? There seems to be very little activity recently. Also, there are many people eagerly waiting
for info on the caving club and contact info on other people that are interested in caving to get together.

Nayyef Gosaibi


Hi Nayyef!

Yes, there has been a lull at . You see, I am presently in Guadalajara Mexico and looking for job opportunities in KSA so I can get back to exploring the caves. Sad to say, a job with Raytheon in Jeddah became unavailable and now it seems that consultancy work I was scheduled to do for Saudi Geological Survey may also be cancelled because SGS doesn't have the budget it used to have.

So, that is the situation. If you know any organization that would like to carry out more caving studies in KSA or start a tourist cave (this would make a very good business), just let me know. Of course, I am also looking for an English teaching job (I probably have more experience teaching English in Saudi Arabia than any other human being!!!!).

Hope you might have some ideas!