From: "fletcher"

 To: Saudicaves

 Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 12:50 AM

 Subject: caving trips

 Dear Saudi Caves.

 Hi my name is Jason. I am from Australia, and live in Riyadh. My wife and

I have been caving in Victoria Australia for about 10 years. We spent many

 weekends taking teenagers on caving camps, so we have a bit of experience

in leading caves. I am in the process of getting our gear sent here, and we

 were wanting to join anyone on some caving weekends. We don't know the location

 of the caves and we would really love to be able to join in on your


 regards Jason



 Hello Jason!

 We are delighted to discover there are new cavers in Riyadh! Although we

are presently located in Mexico, we would like to get you in contact with some

 of the experienced cavers in Riyadh and Dammam. Wonder if you and your

wife have vertical caving experience as well.


 As you can see from the reports on, there are some

wonderful caves just a few hours from Riyadh.... and many more waiting to be

 discovered. Unfortunately, the locations of some of these caves have been

 spread around far and wide, resulting in grafitti, garbage and looting of

 stalactites. We hope people like you, with experience in introducing

young people to caving, will help to change this sad situation.


 Please let us know your phone number in Riyadh so we can pass it on to a

few other cavers living there.


 John and Susy