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Subject: Saudi Caves

I am truly impressed with images of Saudi caves that are posted on the web site as well as those published inside Aramco magazines. I have always had interest in exploring the hidden treasures and wonders of nature in our beloved country. As a hobby, I am currently photographing and documenting the desert plants in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.

Professionally, I am a petroleum engineer working with Saudi Aramco in Dhahran. I hold a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering with strong geological background. I find the caves of the Um Erdhuma Formation the most interesting to explore, study and document. I have heard about these caves from local Bedouin who referred to them as Duhool and read about them in numerous books such as the written about the Summan Area in the eastern province.

This message is to whom it concern, I am truly interested in participating in future scientific expedition to explore and study these caves in Arabia. I as also interested in other future studies of the Geology, geography or wildlife in Saudi Arabia. Please let me know if there is a possibility to join such scientific expeditions and provide me with contacts of individuals or groups involved in such endeavors.