Subject: how can I join?



Hello, I am Egyptian and I have lived in Saudi Arabia all my life and I always wondered whatís going on out there in the desert. Thanks to this site I finally knew!

I was always interested in caves, oil, ground minerals, volcanoes, natural disasters, etc... and after I found this site --which has a huge collection of really interesting things to read-- I thought maybe I can ask them if I can join them. I mean I always wished to go on an expedition into a cave. Itís just that I want to know if you can train me and take me with you some time? so pls tell me if this is actually possible?

Oh and by the way, Iím only 18 and I know nothing about geology and I wish you could teach me. I know I might sound young but pls donít turn me down and why is the site not getting any updates?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Ahmed Magdi




[Pint, John J.] Dear Ahmed,

Thanks very much for writing us! It is wonderful to see your enthusiasm and interest in the wonderful things we can find "off road" in Saudi Arabia. Since you are only 18, perhaps you might choose a career in life that will put you into contact with nature (You might want to become a geologist, for example!).


One of our projects for this fall is to try to start a Speleological Society or Caving Club in Saudi Arabia. So we would be happy to put you on a list for a presentation and meeting about cave exploration. We would like to invite you and anyone else living in KSA to tell us what CITY or town you live in and to give us your tel number, as well as Email address. If you have friends interested, please tell them to contact us!


Why have there been no updates on the bulletin board? Well, it's because we now receive tons of spam instead of interesting messages like yours!


John Pint