Subject: visiting Saudi caves
Dec 22, 2000
Greetings Everyone

I am from Riyadh-Saudi Arabia and I am really
impressed about those caves !!

Even though I am Saudi, I have never seen any of them !!

Please can you tell me and guide me to where those great
caves are?

I am going to visit them with my friend next spring


Best Regards
 Ibrahim Hamad Al-Batly
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
 P.O.Box 153751
 Riyadh 11726

Contact me by : ibatly-(a)
Thanks for your enthusiastic message, Ibrahim! And the answer is YES, we will be organizing trips to the caves. The coordinator for these trips is Mr. Ahmed al Attas, email  ahmadalattas-(a) .
And I will also put you on my own list of people who would like to visit the caves!
John Pint