Saturday, January 07, 2006 10:01 PM
Caves in Saudi Arabia
Hi John and Susana,

I'm an Australian writing a novel which ties together or unifies the
various faiths
originating out of the middle east (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)and
need to
orchestrate a number of specific events to make the story work.

One of the events needs to happen between Mecca and Medina in a region
called Baidah and
was interested whether you are aware of any cave structures that are
accessible there
and whether it is an extensive cave system (if any).

Any help you can give we would be appreciated.

James Young


Hello James!

A huge lava field, Harrat Rahat, stretches all the way from Makkah (as they now spell it) to Madinah (new spelling). I flew
over this lava a few years ago and spotted entrances to several lava tubes, but have not yet visited them. So there may be
many caves, some perhaps as long as 500 meters, in that area. I don't know of a place called Baidah in that part of Saudi
Arabia, but there is a Wadi Baydan at 23 degrees north. If your Baidah is in or near the lava field, extensive caves would
make sense. If it is closer to the coast, I'd say the only caves to be found are shelter caves only a few meters deep. I hope
that helps.

John Pint