December 2, 2005


I stumbled across your web page whilst looking for
info on cave diving in KSA (great BTW) and would like
to be added to the list for any novice level cave

My plan is to eventually dive some of the cave systems
and maybe add to the work of Eric & Lars (do you have
contact details for them?). I'm currently out of
diving due to sinus issues but hope to be back in the
water by the middle of 2006.

I'm a PADI instructor, BSAC dive leader and GUE Tech 1
level diver. Reasonable fitness level but I have no
experience of cave exploration.

Location: Riyadh.

Thanks in advance - David Larbalestier.



Hi David,

Some time ago wesent your message to Lars Bjurstrom and other cave divers in Saudi Arabia.

 We hope you have heard from them by now and you will have some news for us!


John and Susy Pint