Subject:  Hello ..
From: Mohammad Al-Fares
Date: Sun, March 4, 2007 2:56 am


I enjoyed your site very much. I think your passion for
cave exploration can be combined with geocaching, the
treasure hunt game. While geocaching, I have found
caches hidden in dahals of the summan plateau and
written about it. I invite you to visit my blog on the
subject. (

Your quest to shed light on one of the nature wonders of
my country is admirable. Thanks and regards.

Mohammad Al-Fares


Hello Mohammad!
Well, well, I had only a vague idea about geocaching before reading your message and checking out your very interesting blog. Congratulations!
I think visitors to the Saudicaves web page would also enjoy reading about your adventures and I would like not only to put a link to your site, but also to feature you and your blog on our home page. Do you think it might be possible for you to send me a picture of yourself and maybe one or two pictures you or your relatives took while exploring Dahl Shawiah or any other dahl? I'd like to use these to make a little page introducing you and then directing people to your blog. What do you think?

I noticed you mentioned bringing an extra flashlight into caves, just in case. Actually, we strongly recommend bringing at least 3 lights per person whenever going deep into a cave. We also have a few other recommendations which will help reduce the possibility of tragedy occurring underground. These ideas are discussed at .

Looking forward to your reply!!!

John Pint
(in Mexico at present, but I expect to be in Jeddah in a few weeks)