From: Abdullah Aldugaibi

Date: May 8, 2006

Subject: Question


Dear Saudi Caves team


I'm Geophysicist Abdullah T AL-Dugailbi.


First I want to thank you for your great job in explore the caves in Saudi Arabia, and I want to tell you I got the first publication of Saudi Cave book.


My question is : if I am interested in exploring the caves, can I join with your team?


Other question : Do you organise trips like Dhahran Geocience Society (DGS)?


Thank you


Abdullah T

08 May 2006



Hello Abdullah!

We hope you liked our book Desert Caves of Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps Saudi Geological Survey will help to publish new books on the caves of the far north and the lava caves of western KSA.   I have forwarded your message to Greg Gregory in Dhahran and hope you will be able to visit some caves with him!


John Pint