Date: May 12, 2009
Subject: Red Sea Caves

Hi John,

We've been in touch for a while about localizing and identifying ancient settlements in Red sea.

I just wanted you to see what i have discovered last year (pictures attached--Ed), and tell you that i have with archaeologist S.Sidebotham the project to
rent a boat in Port Sudan in order to continue surveying and identify the ruins already found.
We are looking for funds/sponsor/partnership. Perhaps you can give us an idea...

Ps; these 'caves' are probably Ptolemaic-Roman port facilities, maybe the port of 'Ptolemais of the Hunt', still unknown..

Best for you

Michel Pons


Hi Michel!
Glad to see you are making new discoveries on your project. Could it be possible for us to put a few pictures and a short description of what you have found on What do you think?

John Pint