From: Ali Khalaf

Date:May 17, 2006

Subject: Abu Dhabi speleo club


Dear John,


We are a goup of caving enthusiasts trying to form a speleo club in Abu Dhabi.  So far we have made Majlis Al Jin in Oman three times and preparing to explore the Selma Plateau cave system (also in Oman) in June and September 2006.  I have noticed on your bulletin board a message from  Mikael Westerlund who is interested in caving activities in UAE.  I could not find any address reference to him, so please pass my email to him to connect with us, and we'll have him join our activities.  So far all our expeditions were made in Oman, but we are currently gathering information about caves in UAE which should get us some official attention to form the club.


Most of us are stationed in Abu Dhabi and some in Dubai and Doha.  We welcome others to join our activities.


Ali Khalaf




Dear Ali and the Abu Dhabi cavers!


Nice surprise to hear from you and to know you have formed a speleo club!


We have sent you Mikael Westerlund's email address separately and hope he will join you.  We also have a friend in the Emirates named Bertrand Masson  who, I think, would also be interested.


Would you like to send me some pictures of your caving experiences to put on the Saudicaves website?  If you can write a bit on how you got started and what sort of things you've been doing, that would be all the better.  Also, if you have any trip reports (on a specific cave) with pictures, I'd be happy to put those on the site, too.


We hope to hear from you!!!


John and Susy Pint