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Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2002 7:20 AM

Subject: geology of mecca


I am curious about the geology and geochemistry of

Mecca especialy the valley ibrahim where kaaba and

masjidil haram located.

anyone know about please send me the information,

I need it for my research.


Lilies Progolestari




Hello Lilies!

I passed your question re the geology of Makkah to Dr. John Roobol of Saudi

Geological Survey. Here are his comments:


She needs a copy of the 1:250,000 Makkah Quadrangle sheet with

explanatory notes on sale by the Saudi Geological Survey Publications Dept

for about SR70 plus


Best Wishes,

John R.


You can find more on purchasing the Quadrangle sheet with notes (which, I

believe, are quite extensive and in the form of a small book) at: . If you run into difficulties of any kind, please contact

me again and I will be happy to help.

John Pint



Hello Ed and many thanks for the kind words!

We knew that Jeddah depended on a qanat for a long long time, to get water

from Wadi Fatima. In Balad they have preserved the site where the water


But we didn't know about the qanat in Taif that you mention! We would love

to get more info on that. Do you have any suggestion re people we might


Many thanks!

John and Susy Pint