From: Nader Al-Wehibi

 Date: October 9, 2003

 Subject: information

 Hello there!

 My name is Nader Al-Wehibi, an employee at the General Organization for

 Social Insurance. I would like to express my gratitude to you for sharing

 the great knowledge of caving on the web site: I


 enjoyed reading every word on the web site. Thanks again.

 Since caving is my hobby, I would like to get some information from you.


 cousins and I have created a small caving team, and would like to go on


 first caving trip. So, your input will help us, and thus will be much


 First, I would like to get the exact location of The King Fahad


 cave (Shawyah).

 Second, I need your advices in caving in general, and whether special

 equipment is needed. (besides what is mentioned on the web site).

 Third, I would like to join a professional caving team, if possible.


 if there is any organization for caving, I certainly would love to be a

 member of it.

 Please, provide the information as soon as possible.

 Thanks again.

 Best Wishes,,,

 Nader Al-Wehibi




 Hello Nader!

 Many thanks for your kind words about the website! We are glad you like


 We are not sure where you are located, but will guess that you are in

 Riyadh. If so, you are not far from many very nice caves. Your wish to


 a professional caving team is right on the mark. Caving can be very

 dangerous without the proper equipment and training and the cave itself


 easily be damaged if visitors are not careful and well instructed.


 For some time we have been thinking about holding a training session in

 Riyadh, perhaps followed by a cave trip the next day. We would go over the

 rules that cavers follow for survival underground, let you practice with


 gear, show you what you need and where to get it, etc. Please let us know

 if you and your friends are interested in this. If so, tell us how many

 people might like to participate and we will take it from there!


 John and Susy Pint




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