Monday, November 06, 2006 8:01 PM
Unexplored caves in Saudi Arabia !

Salam Alikum,

I would like to thank you first for this excellent site and I wish that you
allow me to join your group. There are several caves that have not been
explored yet near my village, named, Rawdhat Bin Habbas and it would be my
pleasure to help in locating them.

Wish all the best,

Dhaher A. ALShammary



Wa Aleikum Asalaam!

Thank you for your message. Sorry I did not answer immediately, but I accidentally lost it!

Please let me know what part of Saudi Arabia you are in, so I can connect you to local cave explorers.

Also, the caves near your village sound very interesting. Can you describe them a little? For example, are they horizontal
caves easy to walk into or deep pits which need ropes? How long are the caves? Have you gone inside? What did you find
inside? Where is Rawdat Bin Habbas?

Well, I hope to hear more from you. I am presently in Mexico but will go back to KSA this coming January. I hope I will be
able to meet you and we can explore some caves together!

John Pint