From: "Nyyef Al-Mohammed"

To: <>

Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 2:27 AM

Subject: A fellow Caver


> I would like to congratulate you on the great effort

> you have put in to one of the most fascinating

> phenomenons of our country.


> I have been off roading for over 16 years (both

> recreationally and professionally) and a few years

> back I started teaching informal sessions of Desert

> Survival & Awareness and Off-Road Driving to a

> selective group of people.


> During my personal travels and explorations I have

> come across many caverns, caves and historical sites.

> Some of which I have found to be recorded and some I

> have found no information on other than what I have

> found myself. Out of all the locations I have been to

> over the kingdom, I have noted over 400 points of

> interest (many of which I have kept to myself over

> fear of people destroying what I perceive to be

> beautiful).


> As a result of finding caves over the years, I have

> learned how to climb and have collected a significant

> amount of equipment. It is nice to see that there are

> other people who have the same interests.


> Currently, I am in Canada on assignment and will be

> returning next winter to continue my hobby. Upon my

> return it would be nice to sit and compare notes and

> experiences, as well as ways to save some of the sites

> from reckless tourists and vandals.


> I would love to hear from you in the near future.

> Please remove my email address if and when this email

> is posted, as I would prefer people not contact me

> requesting site coordinates.


> Regards,

> Nyyef Mohammed.




Dear Nyyef,

We would certainly enjoy sitting down with you and comparing notes on

fascinating places in this country. Perhaps we can learn of new caves from

you and we would be happy to share with you the special techniques we cavers

use for entering and exiting deep pits. "Off roading professionally"

sounds very interesting... would you like to tell us more? Maybe if you

send some information we could turn it into a little article about you for

our website. What do you say?

John and Susy Pint