Thursday, October 12, 2006 8:17 AM
Dear Mr. & Mrs Pint,

my name is Kahlil Zaarour, i am a Lebanese filmmaker who is interested in making a documentary on the caves of Saudu Arabia,
i have visited your site and i was truly amazed, i was wondering if you can reply and tell me more whether i can film there
and when and how,etc...

i am looking forward for your reply.


Kahlil Zaarour

Mobile : +9613541525


Hello Kahlil!

Nice to get your message! I think a really interesting documentary could be made about the caves of Saudi Arabia. Twenty
years ago only a handful of people knew there were caves in the Saudi desert and no cave had been found with beautiful
formations inside. Today we know of limestone, gypsum and volcanic caves and in them we have found Neolithic artifacts,
mummified animals, human skulls, huge caches of animal bones and cave minerals so rare that one Saudi cave is now on the list
of the ten most important lava caves in the world. This cave (Hibashi) is also being used by NASA scientists as a model for
lava tubes on Mars (because it has up to 1.5 m of powdery sediment on the floor).

I am sending your message on to Dr. Maher Idris, Vice-President of the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) and to Mahmoud
Al-Shanti, head of the SGS Cave Unit.

I hope a nice project develops!

John Pint