Dec 12, 2005

Dear Mr. Pint,


I feel very honored as a passionate amateur of caving who did some adventures cave exploration in Lebanon to present my self to you;

I am a professional athlete in wild water kayaking. I have been teaching sports management in universities for 5 years. I have moved to work for Red Bull as sport marketing manager for Saudi Arabia in a way to develop adventure sport culture in this part of the world.


I would like your help and expertise in supporting us with contacts in Saudi in order to assist in visiting / exploring your discoveries: from caves to lava caves and even natural beauty sites:


In the hope of reading from you soon, keep well


Jo Otayek


Red Bull

Saudi Arabia

Mob: +966506353823



Dear Mr. Otayek,

Thank you for your message.  I am sending copies to cavers I know in Saudi Arabia and also to member of the Supreme Commission for Tourism, who may want to work with you and Red Bull regarding caving as an adventure sport in Saudi Arabia.  I myself would also be very happy to assist in training Saudis caving safety and skills such as rappelling, belaying, knot-tying, etc.   Please tell me more about your projects.


John Pint