From: Tobias Brown


Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 5:12 PM

Subject: Ruel Geirhart


I am wondering if anyone reading this site would be able to provide any

information on Ruel Gierhart who was part of the early group of geologists

working with Max Steineke, Ernie Berg and others who were working with CASCO

in Saudi Arabia from 1935 until WWII. Mr Geirhart then seemed to have gone

on to work for a number of years with ARAMCO.

I can be reached at tjbrown-(a)

Many thanks. Tobias Brown



Hello Mr. Brown and thanks for contacting Saudicaves!

I'm afraid we don't have anyone here who knows Mr. Geirhart, but I think we

know just the man to help you: Mr. Tim Barger, tjb-(a) is the

son of Tom Barger, who worked with Max Steineke and Ernie Berg. I'm sure

you'll get some info from him, and I am sure you will want to visit his

great web site: .

We wonder whether you have any stories to tell us of desert caves you may

have found in Saudi Arabia...

John Pint