From: Michael S. Sanders

Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2004 12:53 PM

Subject: The Harra of Arhab


Dear John:

We are trying to obtain as much information re. the above volcanic structure

in Yemen and wondered if you knew of an expert who may have investigated


Have you done any work connected to the incense road?



Michael S. Sanders

Director of Expeditions and Research

Ancient Cultures Research Foundation



Hello Michael!

Delighted to hear from anyone interested in ancient cultures and volcanic

caves! Will pass on your message to people who may know about studies of

the volcanic structure of Yemen.

Don't know if you have looked over our website. If so, you may notice that

in the last 3 years we investigated just a few volcanic areas in Saudi

Arabia and found neolithic throwing sticks, remains of ancient walls, etc

etc inside lava tubes. As there are 89,000 sq kms of lava fields in Saudi

Arabia, it seems likely that we have barely scratched the surface and that

all sorts of archeological wonders are to be found. The lava tubes have a

perfect environment for preserving whatever ends up inside them.... so, for

example, the scat of hyenas and wolves is perfectly preserved, and inside

them we find plant material, pollen, etc. that furnish all sorts of info on

ancient climates, flora and fauna.

We haven't studied the incense trails as such, but as they skirt several of

the big harrats in Saudi Arabia, it seems quite likely that the lava tubes

in these harrats may contain evidence of their passing.

So far no archeologists have set foot in the caves we have discovered, but

we hope that someday great discoveries will be made in the lava caves of

Saudi Arabia.

John Pint