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Subject: Cavities and caves in the Khurais area

Dear Sirs,

I have been conducting geophysical surveys for Saudi Aramco for some ten
years now - mainly around the Uthmaniyah / Hofuf area.

I have been asked to conduct a desk study ... regarding the potential
risk to new proposed facilities in the Khurais area. I was therefore
wondering if you have any information on known caves in this area.

I believe that Khurais village is on the Umm er Radhuma formation and the
Rus contact is close by to the east...

Many Thanks

Kevin Sayers
Managing Director
Geophysical Services Ltd


Hello Mr. Sayers,

Thanks for contacting us.

The nearest cave to Khurais that I know of is Dahl Abulhol which lies 87.5 kms SE of the town. This is a big pit 70 m deep, a single room about 120m in diameter. The entrance hole is 20 X30m. We know of another cave a bit farther away: Dahl Sabsab which has over 100 m of tunnel-like passages. Sabsab is 145 kms N of Khurais.
Here are links to articles on both caves:



I should think it would be worthwhile doing a check on what lies beneath any proposed building or road sites.

John Pint