From: Karlo Panahon

Date: Sept 2, 2006

Subject:  Kudos to Saudi Caves


Dear Mr. Pint,


Thank you for being one of the proponents in giving a new face to Saudi Arabiaís resources.  I personally believe this country has much to share with its natural beauty.


On a personal note, I trust you can get me connected with other adventurers here in the Kingdom.  I have been involved in mountaineering and rock climbing myself in the Philippines and New Zealand.


Looking forward to your reply.  Thank you!


Karlo Panahon

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




Hello Karlo and thanks for the kind words!  I have sent your message on to some of the cavers in Riyadh and hope they will contact you. Iím sure youíll enjoy the caves in Saudi Arabia!


John Pint