From: Andrew Burger

Date:Sept 7, 2006

Subject:  Spelunking trips in the KSA


Hello John Pint,


I recently arrived and began teaching EFL at TINS outside of Dammam and am interested in learning how to spelunk. 


I've never done any caving, but I've wanted to for some time now.  I have a BA in geology from UC, Boulder in the US and have worked as a SCUBA instructor, so I feel this would be a natural extension for me and something I could really enjoy.


If you're planning any trips where a neophyte such as myself wouldn't be too much of a burden, please let me know.


Thx and regards,

Andy Burger





Hello Andy!

I have passed your message on to Greg Gregory in Dhahran and hope he will contact you. He works for Aramco and does both dry and wet caves in Saudi Arabia… I’m sure he’d be interested in finding another person who’d like to do some cave diving.


Just wonder what TINS is, as I am also an EFL teacher. Can you tell me a bit about it, teaching conditions, etc.?


John Pint