From: Voskamp Family

Date: Sept 16, 2006

Subject:  Saudi Arabia pictures?


Warm regards!


Firstly, may we thank you for your most informative, helpful pictures at Saudi ! Wonderful stuff! 


I am an educator who is writing geography lessons for children. These lessons are compiled and offered to other educators --as an electronic download or as a bound copy of lessons.  All proceeds from the geography lessons are donated to the charitable organization World Vision 

 as our main purposes are simply to further children's geographical awareness and to contribute to the betterment of the global community. 


We are currently writing lessons overviewing the country of  Saudi Arabia and, due to Saudi's strict travel restrictions etc, we are finding it challenging to find suitable pictures.


We would be deeply grateful if you might be able to contribute pictures from your website to this educational project.  If you would like to further discuss this opportunity, we would count it a privilege to offer any more information.


We look forward to talking further!


Ann Voskamp




Hello Ann,


Thank you for your kind comments on our website. We're not surprised you haven't found many pictures of life in Saudi Arabia... on more than one occasion we got into trouble with the police there the moment they saw us with a camera!



As we spent 12 years in Saudi Arabia (living in the east, the center and the west) we do have lots of pictures, many unrelated to caves.  So... let us know what you have in mind and what you are looking for.




John and Susy Pint


Guadalajara, Mexico