Subject: I loved your article
From: "Haytham Odeh"
Date: Wed, September 19, 2007 6:39 pm

Dear Author,

I like your article about SAUDI ARABIA'S DESERT CAVES.

When I saw this Aramco magazine I went and got it, I
started reading this magazine as fast as I could. I loved
the article about crystals. It was so exciting I couldn't
stop reading it I kept reading and reading.

It was amazing, Wow you spotted an Owl and baby fox, now
that's cool.

My name is Haytham. I am 10 years old in the 5th grade.

Nice to talk to you.


Hello Haytham,

We really enjoyed reading your message and are glad you enjoyed the article on Desert Caves. We are not
sure if you have investigated our web site, . Here you will find lots of new articles
on amazing caves we have found since writing the article for Aramco World Magazine. We think you will especially
like to read about the lava-tube caves we found in the western part of Saudi Arabia. It looks like the Harrats are
full of caves. Recently we found one almost two kilometers long with rooms up to 45 meters wide. That story still is
not on our website, but is coming soon.

John and Susy Pint