From: Dr. James Bishop

Date: Sept 20, 2006

Subject:  Saudi Arabian Natural History Society


Dear Mr. Pint,


A search of the internet for the Saudi Arabian Natural History Society turned up your name and address.  I write to find out if you have any issues of the Journal of the Saudi Arabian Natural History Society that you can sell as I am trying to obtain a complete set of originals.  Also, I have been unable to determine if this journal is still current or defunct.  Any information concerning the journal’s status or a contact name and address of someone who could provide such information would be most welcome.  Thank you.






James M. Bishop

P.O. Box 36355

Al-RAs 24754, KUWAIT


REPLY: Hello Mr. Bishop!


Thanks for your message. I must mention that there were two organizations claiming to be the Saudi Arabian Natural History Society, both located in Jeddah, one with a majority of British members and the other with a majority of US members.


Separately, I am sending you several contacts in KSA who may be able to help.


In case you are also interested in the Riyadh Natural History Society (for many years the biggest and most active of all such organizations), contact Lars Bjurström.


In Dhahran they are called the Traveling Naturalists. Contact Greg Gregory.



We have some publications from the Riyadh and Jeddah Societies. Are you interested in both or only in the Jeddah (British) group?



John Pint