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Subject: 1993 caving photo
From: "Paul Guymer"
Date: Sat, September 20, 2008 2:19 am

Came across this photo from when I was based in Riyadh
back in 1992/93

Seems you two are pretty involved in the caving there
these years

This photo was taken outside of Riyadh; there was a solid
'hut' near the
entrance area, some high-tension overhead power cables
nearby, and looking
at your photos the photos you have of Ain Hit look a bit
familiar. I
remember that once at the bottom of the initial area we
climbed through a
smaller entrance to the next light-less area. We took car
battery and light
and underwater torch and free-dived through one of the
submerged tunnels
(though the architecture regarding water levels will have
greatly changed
after another 15 years of ground-water extraction. I have
some more photos
somewhere and might come across them some time.

That's me on the left, and on the right is Pers who was in
representing a Scandinavian owned powder-coating firm I

We tried to take some underwater shots by putting a basic
35mm film camera,
with a self-timer, in to a re-sealable water-proof (ish)
jar and then set
off the self-timer, quickly in to jar, then dive. Hmmmmm,
flash inside jar,
doesn't really work so good haha...


Paul Guymer