Subject: muzafer on line
From: "muzafer ahamed"
Date: Fri, September 28, 2007 6:51 am

Dear pints,
how are you. Hope everything is fine with you. I am
Muzafer Ahamed, an
indian working in Jedha saudi Arabiea. I am very much fond
of desert travel,
and made many trips to the nook and corner of the kingdom.
Each trip the
desert mesmerised me with its charm. I had a chance to
vist the western
entrance of Rubul Khali. i read your Articles and travel
experinces in the
web and found highly interesting. The desert caves in Saudi
Arabia made me
curious. I dont have chance yet to visit desert caves and
the Lava feilds. I
would like to travel in this areas. Are you in kingdom now,
or in Mexico? I
humbly request you to give me a guideline to travel
through the caves. shall
i take permission from the geolagical survey. or can i be
a part of the
touring geolagical survey team. waiting for your replay.
-Best always,


Dear Muzafer,

Good to hear from you!

I hope to be back in Jeddah in February or March of 2008 and I hope you

will give me a call at Saudi Geological Survey. The TEL number is  619-7704 and

you can reach either me or Mahmoud Al-Shanti at extension 4053. We are happy to find

people like you who love the desert and hopefully you will join us on some cave trips.


John and Susy Pint