Subject: Would Like to Meet You
From: "Mohammad Nowfal"
Date: Fri, September 28, 2007 1:51 am
To: (more

Hi John,

Though travelled a lot in Saudi Arabia, I wasn't aware of
the treasures
underneath the desert until I see your work on Saudi Caves
in an exhibition.
Naturally, I visited your site and it had a marvellous
experience of caving.
With a combination of Lars Bjurström pics, I really
enjoyed it and have been
dreaming of meeting you to have a travel together.

I heard that you are back in Jeddah. I will be so grateful
if I ever get a
chance to meet you and be part of your cave exploration in
the deserts of
Saudi Arabia.

True regards,

Mohammad Nowfal
Mob: +966-503269706

Hi Mohammed!

Thanks for your very nice message. Can you tell me where you saw the exhibition?

Right now our friend Mahmoud Al-Shanti is trying to organize a caving club in KSA. In case you want to give him a
call, his mobile is 0502585244.

I am in Mexico right now, but I hope to be back at SGS in Jeddah in a few months, and hope to meet you.

John Pint