From: Ed Smith


Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2002 12:36 AM

Subject: Taif Qanat


I loved your site!

I worked in Taif, KSA in 1973-1974 and loved the area and the people.

I never knew about the rose farm, but I can tell you that geraniums will

grow as big as trees when planted in the fertile soil and given water!

At the time it was said that a qanat built by the Turks in the past was

found and used to suppliment the ground water source that was the only

municipal water supply of the time.

I hope this site is till active.


Ed Smith



Hello Ed and many thanks for the kind words!

We knew that Jeddah depended on a qanat for a long long time, to get water

from Wadi Fatima. In Balad they have preserved the site where the water


But we didn't know about the qanat in Taif that you mention! We would love

to get more info on that. Do you have any suggestion re people we might


Many thanks!

John and Susy Pint