From: W Nichols


Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 10:45 PM

Subject: Caving for tourists?


My father should be visiting December/January

he has read about caves in Saudi, and he would like to visit them!!

We live in Jeddah

I understand that sometimes visits are arranged but have no idea who to

contact, where the caves are, and how difficult they are to access

hope someone can help!

(Hope father hasnt found your site or he will really be hooked, beautiful


Yours W.Nichols



Hello and thank you for contacting Saudicaves. Sorry I took so long to

answer. We will have caving activities going on in December and January,

but, unfortunately, no trips to the really pretty caves. Next trip will be

to Ain Hit outside Kharj, south of Riyadh. Some people will dive in the

cave's underground lake and some of us will be mapping the cave. If you or

your father are free the weekend of Dec 26-27, 2002, just let me know...

the divers are looking for SHERPAS!!!

John Pint