Hello Tauseef, Saeed and A. Salam!

Thank you for your kind words about our website. We are happy to see your interest in visiting some of Saudi Arabia's desert caves.

Many people, when they discover that the Desert Caves contain all kinds of strange and beautiful crystal decorations, immediately say, like you, "How can I go there? I want to see these wonders with my own eyes."

Unfortunately, visiting a cave is not as simple as driving through a mountain range. It's much more like the technical climbing we saw Sylvester Stallone do in CLIFFHANGER.... only more dangerous!

Why so? Well, all can go well inside a cave until the UNEXPECTED happens. When it does, training and experience often save lives, while those who are not ready for the unexpected may never leave the cave alive.

Entering a dahl is also dangerous for the cave itself because those formations are extremely delicate and easy to break. For these reasons, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is working on the development of a Show Cave, open to the public and entirely safe, as well as speleological training courses for the more adventurous. All of you sound like "the more adventurous" and we'd like to hold some special training sessions for you followed by visits to some caves. If you like that idea, send us your name, email, city where you live and phone number. We will work up a list and see what we can do this coming winter.

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And thanks for contacting SAUDICAVES!!!

John Pint