Internationally recognized experts
in the exploration and study of desert caves


The Desert Caves Consultants are associated with the ARCOP Group International.





Paolo Forti  -  Mineralogist, Show Cave Specialist

Stephan Kempe  -  Geologist; Vulcanospeleologist; Paleontologist

Penelope Boston - Geomicrobiologist; Astrobiologist

David Bunnel - Cave Photographer, author: Caves of Fire: Inside America's Lava Tubes

Greg Francek  -  Underground Search and Rescue Specialist

John Ganter  -  Cave Cartographer; Systems Engineer

Louise D. Hose  -  Geologist; Explorer; Karst Researcher

Cheryl S. Jones  -  Speleologist; Administrator

Diana E. Northup  -  Geomicrobiologist

John J. Pint  -  Author: Desert Caves of Saudi Arabia

M. John Roobol  -  Geologist; Volcanologist

Frank Binney  -  Film Maker; Exhibit Developer

Faisal S. Alzamil  -  Project Manager, Saudi Arabia




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