by John and Susy Pint, Photos 2008 by John and Susy Pint


Twenty years ago we visited a mesa in the Primavera Forest and found 13 circles of rocks like these. The one shown here was the only one with an oval shape. All the others were round.


This picture was taken in December, 2005 on our last visit to the site, which lies approximately 7 kms west of Concentro (at Avenida Vallarta and the Periferico).




On Sunday, December 30, 2007, we returned to the same mesa and found eight holes like this.





 Pedro Fernandez Somellera inspecting the damage.


These tools were found hidden in the debris pile next to one of the looted tombs.






The mesa with the tombs is reachable on foot via the dramatic barrancas that cut through the forest. Some of these have walls 50 meters high but may be only a few meters wide.


This passage, called La Caja de Piedras, is one of the most beautiful spots in the forest.




The view from every side of the mesa is dramatic, and often too steep to be accessible...







...However, there are a few places here and there where the adventurous can work their way up to the top, not without some huffing and puffing.