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2005 by John and Susy Pint



If you like these pictures, see our Photo Report on the Great Cave Rescue in Lebanon

Columns of Baalbek - There are almost as many ruins as caves in this country!

The caves are found in beautiful mountains that cover Lebanon

Besides all the above, they have a breathtaking coast - Just look at the colors!

Spiderman Saeed Alamoudi at the Speleoclub du Liban HQ

"I love to jump," says Abdulrahman Aljouid...

...and here's the proof, Abdulrahman on rope...

..and hanging from the natural bridge at Hrajel

Mahmoud Alshanti puts in a bolt under the watchful eye of Rena Karanouh

Saeed suspended above the bubbling brook

Lifting a body is even trickier than carrying it on a stretcher

A pine forest was our classroom for First Aid training

Kanaan Cave where even the floor is shimmering calcite

Twin cascades in Kanaan

Rena among the bizarre formations of Kanaan Cave

Susy Pint examines the twin fingers of this stalactite

The Fish Hook

Mahmoud squeezes past a delicate stalactite

The Lonely White Helictite

Rena at the doorway to even more amazing formations

Once you've been to Lebanon, you HAVE to go back!