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THE FIRST-EVER BIRD COUNT IN THE SIERRA DEL AGUILA: With Julio Álvarez bird watching in Ahualulco, Jalisco, Mexico

THE EIGHT FALLS OF MANZANILLA: Great hiking, great swimming and what a ponche (punch)!

LOS HERVORES: Geysers and Spooky Woods

EL JARDIN MESTIZO: prehispanic gastronomy in Teuchitlan

MARVELS AND MYSTERIES OF LAGUNA LA MARIA: A fuming volcano, a placid crater lake and plenty of ghosts

SAN BLAS: Gliding through the mangroves; birds galore and a few crocodiles too

TALA'S FAIRY FOOTSTOOLS:The curious cylindrical rock formations on the way to the River of Souls are still accessible...but don't wait too long!

SHELTERED SPRING (LA ATARJEA TAPADA): A cool hike to a tasty spring in the beautiful Primavera Forest.

LAS AGUILAS: Are these monoliths a "Mexican Stonehenge?" Whatever the archeologists say, these rock-covered hills above Cuautla are fascinating.

EL DIENTE:The favorite spot for Guadalajara's rock climbers and a great place for hiking among impressive monoliths.

EL CERRO DE AMATITAN : Dancing Down the Mountain. The mountain is even more beautiful in the wet season. The Virgen is as elusive as ever. Now you can get there without driving through Amatitán or crawling under fences!

LOS POZOS GEOTERMICOS DE LA PRIMAVERA : The Silent Geysers of the Primavera Forest. The "Ghost Park" is still the greatest place in Jalisco for skateboarding and ideal for camping under the stars...but it was recently declared "off limits" for visitors.

ITZTLITLAN, THE PLACE OF OBSIDIAN: Cerro Las Cuevas was formerly an island in the Laguna de Magdalena in western Mexico; For 2000 years it was the number one site for turning Jalisco's high-quality raw obsidian into artifacts and jewelry. By John Pint

HACIENDA LABOR DE RIVERA: Archeologists investigate mezcal, murder and more at an Hacienda near Teuchitlán, Jalisco, Mexico. By John Pint

THE TEUCHITLAN RIVER BICYCLE ROUTE: This four-kilometer trail is great for hiking, walking, biking, horseback riding and bird watching. It's located just 40 kilometers west of Guadalajara, Mexico.

EXPLORING EL PEDERNAL: Four Square Kilometers of High-Grade Volcanic Glass. This is one of the world's largest obsidian deposits, located just an hour from Guadalajara.

THE OLD AMPARO SILVER MINE: Visit to a ghost town that keeps its secrets. It is said that in 1916 Amparo had the richest silver mines in all Jalisco...

THE CONQUEST OF THE LITTLE-MANGO RIVER: Guadalajara canyoneers rappel along a fabulous river with falls 53 and 70 meters high...and it's a great place for a leisurely hike!

WHALE WATCHING AT PUNTA DE MITA, MEXICO: Watching humpback whales and their babies up close, under the guidance of Mexican biologists.

THE SECRETS OF AMATITAN: Searching for beauty while slogging through a wet qanat.

THE DOOMED CAVES OF ZACATECAS: Cave protection and Cave Vandalism in Mexico. The fate of beautiful crystal caves found inside a Penoles Mine in 1996.

THE SAGA OF SAN MARTIN FALLS: Canyoneers attempt to conquer Jalisco’s—possibly Mexico’s—tallest cascades

OCOTLAN'S MAGNIFICENT CACTUS GARDEN AND MYSTERIOUS FOCO TONAL: There's a lot more to do in Ocotlan than you'd believe!


LETTER TO UNCLE SAM: Why does the IRS send its letters to Mexico via Germany?

LAW AND ORDER IN MEXICO: The concept of "the law" may be quite different north and south of the border.

UNDERGROUND IN ARABIA by John Pint: The adventures of John and Susy Pint exploring caves beneath the dunes in Saudi Arabia. A book review by Tim Barger. Available as a paperback or for the Kindle or Nook.

EREADERS AND EBOOKS: The pros and cons of devices like the Kindle, the Nook and the Kobo. If you are an Ex-Pat, you'd better check this out!

THE TALA MUSEUM: The small town of Tala, Jalisco was a metropolis 2000 years ago and today has a first-class museum celebrating its notable history.